Fall 2018 Doctoral Candidates Attending Commencement

Indicate attendance at the University Commencement Ceremony.

  • Log into your student AccessPlus account and click on your student tab. Select Graduation from menu on left and then Diploma/Ceremony in upper left corner.
  • Complete the following online form information in AccessPlus before before Tuesday, December 11, 2018. Note: system will close after this date. (form will be available after October 1st)

1. Attendance at the Fall University Commencement Ceremony
2. Presenting professor email
3. Newspaper release
4. Diploma mailing address

  • Your presenting professor will be sent an email to confirm they will present you at the fall university ceremony.

University Commencement Ceremony Instructions for Graduate College Ceremony

Summer 2018 Doctoral Candidates attending Fall Ceremony:

  • Indicate attendance at University Commencement Ceremony on the Diploma/Ceremony form in AccessPlus (see above) by Friday, August 3, 2018.
  • After August 3, see information below

Doctoral Candidates attending the Fall 2018 Ceremony who graduated in a previous term

  • Contact Deb Lettow in the Graduation Office, 210 Enrollment Services Center at with the following information before November 16, 2018:

1. Your name as it appears on your ISU record
2. Student ID number
3. Degree received
4. Presenting professor name and contact information (email address and phone number)
5. Your email address and phone number

Hooding Demonstration Video

Hooding Demo Video for PhD Candidates

PhD Line Up Areas

  • Plan to arrive at Benton Auditorium, first floor Scheman Building (date and time to be determined).
  • There will be a representative from the Registrar’s Office to assist you in obtaining a hood and finding your place in the line up area.

The following timeline must be strictly followed:

6:00 p.m.   Arrive and check-in at Benton Auditorium, first floor Scheman
6:15 p.m.   Pickup reader’s card and complete photographer information on back
6:30 p.m.     Instructions for crossing the stage and hooding demonstration
6:45 p.m.     Candidates leave the line-up area for processional (latecomers will not be included in
                     the processional)

Candidates for the degree Doctor of Philosophy will be seated on the coliseum floor in the front rows. Major Professors, or their representatives, will be seated on the stage.

Caps and Gowns

  • PhD's must rent or purchase the appropriate cap and red gown from the University Bookstore, Memorial Union, phone 515-294-5684.
  • Deadline for renting Ph.D. graduation attire is November 9, 2018. Regalia ordered after this date may incur late charges and risk not having their attire arrive in time for the ceremony.

Hoods used during the University Ceremony

  • The Office of the Registrar will provide each candidate with a Ph.D. hood to be used during the ceremony. These will be handed out in the line up areas before the ceremony.
  • If you will be bringing your own hood to the ceremony, contact Deb Lettow in the Graduation Office at

Returning University Hood used during the Ceremony

  • Ph.D. hoods are university property.  Do not return the hood with your rental cap and gown. 
  • Return your hood either to Registrar’s staff on stage following the ceremony or to the Graduation Office, 210 Enrollment Services Center, by Tuesday, December 18.
  • The hood must be returned to the Office of the Registrar, not the University Book Store, by December 18 or you will be billed $175.00 for replacement cost of the hood and a hold will be placed on your university record.
  • If you would like to keep the hood longer, contact Deb Lettow in the Graduation Office at to make arrangements.

Graduation Photos

  • Photos at the university commencement ceremony will be taken by Flash Photography and posted on their website.
  • Graduates will receive instructions via email from the photographer on how to view and purchase photos.  
  • Questions regarding photos should be directed to Flash Photography (select the Contact Us tab) or phone 214-443-9393.


For information about diploma covers, mailing address and distribution, visit the Diplomas page.