Graduate with her diploma cover at ceremony.

Summer 2018

Complete Diploma Mailing Address Information

  • Complete form in AccessPlus before Friday, August 3. After this date, the system will close and you will need to contact the Graduation Office.
  1. Log into your student AccessPlus account.
  2. Click on the Student tab, select Graduation from menu on left, then Diploma/Ceremony in the upper left corner.
  3. Select your name. This will open up the form.
  • Overseas Mailing Address: You must stop by the Graduation Office, 210 Enrollment Services Center, to fill out an overseas mailer (diplomas will be mailed to an overseas address only if this has been done). Contact the Graduation Office by email at graduation@iastate.edu, if you are unable to fill out the mailer.

Diploma Distribution

  • Diplomas will not be handed out during the Spring or Fall commencement ceremonies.
  • Diplomas will be mailed on August 18, 2018.
  • If you elect to pick up your diploma, you may do so on/after August 17, 2018.

Diploma Covers

  • If you have not attended a prior University Commencement Ceremony and will not be attending the Fall University Commencement ceremonies on December 14 or 15, you will need to pick up a diploma cover in the Graduation Office, 210 Enrollment Services Center after July 1.

Vet Med

  • Please note that the Veterinary Medicine ceremony occurs in the spring, so fall and summer information regarding diplomas does not apply to Vet Med.


Contact the Graduation Office at 210 Enrollment Services Center, phone 515-294-1840 or email graduation@iastate.edu.