Fall 2019 Undergraduate Candidates Attending Fall Commencement Ceremony

Indicate attendance at the University Commencement Ceremony 

  • Form will be available after October 1, 2019
  • Log into your student AccessPlus account and click on your student tab. Select Graduation from menu on left and then, Diploma/Ceremony in upper left corner.
  • Complete the following online form information before Tuesday, December 17th.  

1. Attendance at the Fall University Commencement Ceremony.
2. Attendance at college convocation/reception
3. Newspaper release
4. Diploma mailing address

If you are attending one of the University Commencement Ceremonies, please print the instructions below, which will give you line up information and a more specific timeline of events.

University Commencement Ceremony Instructions for Undergraduate Ceremony

Commencement Ceremony Instructions (available after October 25, 2019)

Caps and Gowns

Cap and gowns may be purchased from the University Book Store, Memorial Union, phone 515-294-5684.

With Distinction Cords

Undergrads - If eligible, pick up in the Registrar's Office, 214 Enrollment Services Center after November 1, 2019. For eligibility details visit: and see the text under "Graduation with Distinction."

Social Media

Graduates, friends and family are encouraged to participate in a live Twitter feed before and after the university undergraduate commencement ceremony. Twitter feeds will not be posted during the ceremony. Students are requested to not bring their mobile device to the stage. Be sure to include #CyclONEgrad in your tweets! You can follow the #CyclONEgrad conversation online ( -- even without an account.

Graduation Photos

  • Photos at the university commencement ceremony will be taken by Flash Photography and posted on their website.
  • Graduates will receive instructions via email from the photographer on how to view and purchase photos.
  • Questions regarding photos should be directed to Flash Photography (select the Contact Us tab) or phone 214-443-9393.


For information about diploma covers, mailing address and distribution, visit the Diploma page.