Academic Attire  (e.g., Caps, Tassels, and Gowns):


  • Graduates are required to wear a master's gown, a master's hood, a black cap, and a black tassel. Students are encouraged to wear their adornments (cords, medallions, etc.) 
  • Graduates who are a member of the United States Armed Forces, are welcome to wear uniforms. Graduates who need to wear specific attire for religious or cultural purposes (e.g., hijab, etc.) are welcome to do so. 
  • Your cap should be worn level, not tilted. Your gown should hang freely from the shoulders. Appropriate business clothing should be worn under your gown. 
  • Academic attire can be purchased from the University Book Store in the Memorial Union during regular business hours or via their website (  
    • Delivery options included shipping or pick-up in store.
      • Wednesday, May 11, 2022 is the last day Master's students can order via the University Book Store's website for shipping or for "Pick up at Store" option.