Presenting Professors

October 9 Commencement Ceremony

Date, Time, and Location:

  • Saturday, October 9, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. at Hilton Coliseum

Academic Attire:

  • Presenting professors are required to wear academic attire. The University Bookstore handles the university's academic attire needs. For renting or purchasing academic attire, faculty may visit: 
  • Faculty are encouraged to arrange for academic attire as soon as possible. Faculty may also borrow attire from a colleague.


  • Presenting professors will be led by Faculty Marshals from the line-up area, process into Hilton Coliseum, and will be seated with their candidate(s) on the floor of the coliseum.

Presenting your candidate during the ceremony:

1.  During the awarding of the degrees, a marshal will prompt you when to proceed to the front of the stage.

2.  When your candidate’s name is read, escort him/her/zir to the President or Provost who will be standing center stage. 

3.  Your candidate will turn to face the audience and bend slightly at the knees enabling you to put the hood over his/her/zir head and onto his/her/zir shoulders.

4.  Turn back towards the President or Provost. The student will shake hands with the President or Provost. 

5.  The student will take a candid photo with the President or Provost.

6.  Next, you may shake hands with your student and extend congratulations. 

7.  And finally, the President or Provost will shake hands with you and extend congratulations to you. 

8.  Your candidate, and you, will exit the stage via the front center stairs.

9.  At the time your candidate exits the stage to return to his/her/zir seat, you should return to your original seat using the center aisle.

** On-stage handshakes are optional. If you prefer not to shake hands, please fold hands together after hooding to indicate you do not wish to be offered a handshake. Hand sanitizer will be available prior to entrance of the stage and upon exit of the stage. **


  • Presenting professors and candidates will not recess, but will remain on the floor.
  • After the recessional, you are free to take additional phots, meet and greet familieis, or leave, as desired. 

Questions or Changes to Presenting Professor

Contact the Graduation Office at or at 515-294-1840 with any questions or concerns.