Masters and PhD Graduation Checklist

Spring Semester 2020

Submit Application for Graduation

Meet Graduate College Deadlines

As you complete your graduate studies at Iowa State University, there are specific deadlines and requirements  associated with graduation. Visit the Graduate College Graduation Website for a list of current semester deadlines, as requirements vary based on the degree that you are seeking.

      Diploma Mailing Address and Ceremony Attendance Information Form

      Form will be available soon.  You will be notified by email.

      Complete form in AccessPlus before date to be determined.  Note: system will close after this date.

      1. Log into your student AccessPlus account.
      2. Click on the Student tab, select Graduation from menu on the left, then Diploma/Ceremony in the upper left corner.
      3. Select your name. This will open up the form.
      4. Complete the following information:
        • Indicate attendance at University Graduate College Ceremony
        • Newspaper release
        • Address you would like your diploma mailed
      5. Diploma distribution and covers.

      ISU Transcripts

      Financial Aid Exit Counseling Session

      • An exit counseling session is mandatory if you have borrowed through the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program (either subsidized or unsubsidized).
      • Complete your exit counseling online by going to If you have questions, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid, 0210 Beardshear, or call 515-294-2223.

      Loans Receivable Exit Counseling Session

      • An exit counseling session is mandatory if you have borrowed from the Disadvantaged Student Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Health Profession Student Loan or University Long Term Loan programs.
      • If you have questions, please contact Loans Receivables, 0880 Beardshear, or call 515-294-8747.

      Accounts Receivable Office

      • Review your u-bill periodically, 1-2 months after graduation for any late charges.
      • Your transcript will not be released after graduation unless all financial obligations are cleared. For more information, go to 0880 Beardshear Hall or call 515-294-7388.

      ISU Email After Graduation

      Post-Graduation Plans Survey (Available mid-semester)

      For more information

      Contact the Graduation Office, 210 Enrollment Services Center, phone 515-294-1840, or email