Spring 2017 Veterinary Medicine Commencement Speaker

Morgan McArthur, DVM, Professional Speaker 

Dr. Morgan McArthur: Veterinarian. Speaker. Worm enthusiast. Artist. His veterinary journey has been interesting, unconventional and rewarding.

Dr. McArthur graduated from Iowa State University as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 1983. The veterinary degree was a ticket to pursue a dream - go west and practice in cowboy country. He was a clinician and partner in predominantly large animal practices in Idaho for thirteen years.

Dr. McArthur’s professional trajectory was profoundly affected in 1987. An aversion to public speaking prompted him to join Toastmasters International, an organization devoted to improving communication and leadership skills. McArthur committed himself to excellence and in 1994 he won the organization’s World Championship of Public Speaking, out of an estimated 10,000 contestants.

That achievement opened new professional options and marked a transition from being a veterinarian who speaks to a speaker who is a veterinarian. His talent for public speaking has taken McArthur around the world. In veterinary circles he has been a general session speaker at several large veterinary conventions and has lectured on communication skills at several veterinary schools.

Dr. McArthur relocated to New Zealand in 1996, taking the position of Research and Development Manager for Ancare NZ (now Merial Ancare). Ten years of collaborating with parasitology thought leaders in one of the world’s worm hotspots gave McArthur an extraordinary education and a progressive perspective on practical parasitology.

Today Dr. McArthur lives in Wisconsin where he is a professional public speaker, works for the University of Wisconsin Extension, creates fine art photography and is a professional lettering artist. He is president of a charity art organization benefiting Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

The versatility of the DVM degree has given Dr. Morgan McArthur options that he never imagined when he was awaiting the handover of his diploma in 1983. Today he endeavors to live by a favorite quote: “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.” – A. Szent-Gyorgyi